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Cooking for us is bringing love and warmth, whether it is for family or friends- it is special! Bob’s first memory of food is standing on a milk crate at the age of 5 flipping hamburgers in a restaurant that his Mother owned. My first memory is helping my Mother and Father harvest vegetables from the family garden and helping prepare food for family working in the hay fields.

Cooking can mean something different for everyone. Comfort, Family or health, to entertain, or to make memories. No matter if it is gourmet or a simple dish.
We are thankful for all our family and friends. Teaching us the importance of sharing food but most of all the memories that come to mind whenever we smell that scent of something that reminds us of home.

Cooking can be one of the most personal and intimate things you can do for someone. There is something special about a home cooked meal. It is everything from the behind-the-scenes as well, the fragrance of garlic, the crackle from the skillet, the sound of the knife slicing the vegetables, the smell of the bacon and eggs in the morning, the smell of the carefully prepared bird coming out of the oven, the smell of the ribs on the grill and the smell of the food cooking on the campfire.

There is something about preparing and serving food that encourages us to relax, let our hair down or just talk to one another.

Our hope is for you to make your memories, give love, give warmth to all who receive the fruit from your labor using:

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